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    Summer is coming (Northern Hemisphere...) and site changes (faster, stronger, more intense stuff coming).

    1: Back with a hipster groove and more metal overlays with xantique (600Kb)

    2: ...Technical difficulties... in process on Heart Lag (470 KB). Jet aircraft trip, no ticket required.

    3: Hip Hop Rock: the jimmering (415 KB) electric metal guitar mesh.

    4: The poogles (644 KB) has the chirping crickety feeling of summer.

    5: independence days (770 KB) urban flute jumpin' jam.

    6: Are you ready to Rock?!? This gettlefeet (425 KB) starts off your mixes nicely.

    7: One last tease from Esu Matra before we move onto other stuff. This stayzoo (600 KB) would sound nice mixed in with the other snips below.

    8: Esu is back with Funkripster (1.9 MB) - Space-hop shorty, haunting, open, and free.

    9: The short Groovette (600Kb) - by Esu Matra. Hip-Hop grooves makes a nice song mix filler. Dig it.

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    NEW: We re-did the classic New Years Eve song - for 2003 and beyond!
    (from Worsham and Elan)

    'May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot..."

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  • Eerie: Instrumental with sampled voices (from Worsham)
  • openus (rare)

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